Twitch Stream not showing in search results!

I understand that not all streams are shown…

But if someone searches for my username ‘brassware’ they say they can’t find my stream, alot of my friends can’t invite their friends, because of this…

I’m not a huge channel so every user counts.

Just typing in ‘FotiGames’ into the search bar, shows up his ‘user’ search result, mine ‘brassware’ shows 0 results…?

What am I to do?? I searched the settings tirelessly, to no success… D:

Please help!

Twitch is aware of tons of search-related problems like this. During Twitch’s TwitchCon Keynote they announced they were working to improve search (with no ETA). I assume that this would be fixed when that happens. You may want to reach out to Twitch support instead, since this forum is meant for third party developer assistance (not reporting Twitch site bugs). You can email Twitch support by using their help desk:

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