Twitch streamer live status


I want to build an application that will offer visibility to some Twitch channels on my website.
The scope of this app will be to notify our users on the website when a twitch channel of our choosing is currently livestreaming.
When starting the development I realized that the twitch api endpoints ( both /kraken/streams/ and /helix/streams/ ) and also the webhook ( /helix/webhooks/ ) have an delay. The api / webhook get updated with a delay of a couple of minutes after the twitch stremear goes live.
Do you know if there are any other option free or paid that I can use to get information about the stream status in real time ?

Thanks in advance!
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All official endpoints will have some form of delay because of caching, it’s something you have to live with. Even Twitch themselves when sending out going live notifications can often happen minutes after the stream actually starts, this is why most broadcasters start their stream with a “starting soon” graphic for several minutes to give time for notifications to be sent and give time for people to load the stream.

The delay also accounts for accuracy and stream “crash”, and other miscellaneous reasons.

3 minutes is average delay for anything pretty much, caching aside, it’s about verification of a stable stream too.


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