Twitch-Streamer: Spark Streaming library for Twitch Chat

Preamble: I rummaged through the forum categories here in an attempt to find the optimal place to post this. If this is the wrong category – please either move it or delete it.

Around 6 months ago I started learning Spark and wanted to stream messages in from Twitch’s IRC chat. It’s super easy to do with Twitter, but Twitch had no library available (that I’m aware of anyways). So, here’s my honest attempt at making a library that takes care of all the nitty-gritty stuff that Spark Streaming does for you behind the scenes, and lets you worry about the stuff that matters most: data!

The github repository is here: Please feel free to contribute, open issues, yell at me, whatever! I’m completely new to this whole open-source thing, and I wanted to make something that others could use to derive some interesting insights from Twitch chat data.

Thanks a lot!

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