Twitch streamers list from specific game


I would like to now if did is possible to retrieve from the API all the twitch streamers(online and offline) from specific game and their previous streaming.


See my response to this question @ Get List of Streams under Category - #3 by matt_thomas

Using /streams/ should return live streams and using /videos/ will search videos (offline) for specific game content.

Thanks, Matt

The first option( for the current stream i already test before with success.

But the second option but return any video(

My objective is to retrieve streamers from game “programming”.

In this case I suggest using the search API:


The second API call ‘currently’ yields more results. They each will “suggest” and catch false positives like “Kerbal Space PROGRAM”

You could probably write a check in your program/script to remove false positives, negate anything with say “Kerbal” in the game field.

The current streaming i can filter, but how can i retrieve previous streams and streamers .

For example i want all the stream from last week for game “programming” and their streamers,

Thanks for all the help Matt

Will show people who might not be live right now, but have the game flag or status with “Programming” in it.

Matt Thanks

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