Twitch Streams with the same Id?

I’m using the API to create a statistic for the games, which are played by the streamers.

I’m recording the beginning and the end time of each stream, provided by the API.

I saw today, that I have only one stream for this user, which should not be possible, considering that he is streaming regularly. I’m updating all information after each API query, based on the stream ID from the API and for most users I have this info:

I think that the id of each stream changes, when it ends, but the case with stream id 415069 is strange. This is not a single case, I have many more streams, which seems to update, not changing the ID (415080, 8568 and etc.)

I also saw that the Ids of today’s streams look like this - 26633028112. How is it possible that stream with ID 415069 started today?

Thanks for your time!

Each stream session gets it’s own ID (a stop and start should issue a new stream ID), the channel/user ID stays the same.

Thanks for your assistance, I had an error in my code, it is fixed now :slight_smile:

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