Twitch support response times

I have created a support ticket about renaming the game I’m working on. It was a month ago, and the ticket still has status “New”, nobody ever responded. I have few more months before my game gets released, but otherwise it’s really sad to see such ignorance on Twitch support side. I understand they have a massive amount of tickets to sift through, and there is no way that “General / Other” types of issues would have priority over stuff like payments… Maybe Twitch could introduce a separate game developer related category in their issue type dropdown?

How many months can I expect to wait until my ticket gets processed?

I believe you need to claim ownership of the game as documented here

Rather than opening a normal support ticket

I do have ownership of the game, I can change the box art, etc, but cannot rename it.

Have you renamed it on Giant Bomb? As that’s where Twitch pulls name changes from.

Yes, I have. It was renamed few months ago on Giant Bomb.

GiantBomb entry:

Twitch entry:

Yeah Twitch Support is pretty bad, they reply in an OK time for me except when they do reply it is just a canned response, literally they read one line such as “adverts” then just send you some info about adverts but in no way actually answer the question that you actually asked, it’s really bad…

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