Twitch user token

After registering my app with a redirect URI of http://localhost:3000, I tried to generate a user token but no response on console.
I am using macOS Big Sur and Google chrome.

Followed the below steps:

  1. twitch configure >> added the client id and secret >> Updated configuration.
  2. twitch token -u -s “user:read:email”
  3. Redirected to app for authorization >> authorized it
  4. The browser displays “Feel free to close this browser window.” but no response on console, it still shows “Opening browser. Press Ctrl+C to cancel…”
  5. On refreshing web browser, I get “This site can’t be reached localhost refused to connect.”

How to get the user token? What am I doing wrong?

For other forum users this was opened as a bug on the TwitchCLI itself

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