Twitch Videos and how it can tap into the YouTube market

I know this is gonna annoy some people but I couldn’t find the forums for suggestions (on twitch and not on reddit). However, if it brings you any relief, I do actually program and script in my free time for fun. Though it’s not really relevant.

I have a suggestion/question but will repost it elsewhere if someone can link me a more appropriate place.

What is Twitch doing to tap into the YouTube community? It’s obvious people are tired of YouTube and their crap so they are looking for a place to migrate.

That’s the question, here’s the suggestion.

Twitch should completely revamp its video system and make it extremely more user friendly. They should also add the option to donate to each video that comes out as well as having ad’s on it. Currently, the system is very easy to learn, use, or even look at. However, I think twitch, for the sake of profits if it’s all that motivates you, can tap into a whole brand new market and make some real money. Just not with the current system.

TL;DR: YouTube just provided a whole new market for Twitch to tap into because of Youtubes incompatence. But Twitch needs a better video and content creation system.

The best place to submit suggestions is

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