Twitch webhooks aren't sending event data on reload of app

I had webhooks working to get follow events for 7 streamers. Everything was working, but when I reload my testing server, I no longer receive the post requests on my callback endpoint. If I call the webhook subscriptions endpoint to see what subscriptions I have active, I can see that they still exist. I still receive the GET request to confirm the subscription when I try to create them again (I only have a 50 second expire time that I set), and I still send back the 200 with the challenge like I did when they worked initially.

I’ve had this issue for several days in a row. If I try the next day, it’ll usually start working again, but if I restart my server and send out those requests again, it takes hours and sometimes up to a day to start getting events again.

It looks like I can subscribe (and successfully receive events for) a new topic with a streamer I hadn’t been tracking follows for. Am I hitting my 3 subscriptions per topic limit? Although, the lack of events usually happen after the 1st server restart and I’m limiting the expire time to only 50 seconds. I don’t get any notifications of hitting my limit like I’ve seen others getting in their posts, just successes from the GET requests sent to me.

If there’s anyone that might have an idea of what’s going on, I’d really appreciate your help at this point.

I’m 99% sure it was ngrok rate limiting me. I’ll open up a new issue if that’s not the case.

50 seconds? Why so short?

I chose 50 seconds to start clearing out the subscriptions without having to unsubscribe when I started having this problem. Also, because ngrok has a strict cap on a low amount of connections coming in. I’ll have to figure out an alternative to ngrok so that I can continue testing this.

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