Twitch Whispers API Silently Drops Messages

Hi there!

I’m developing a Twitch bot for a Twitch channel. The bot’s goal is to send a whisper to channel’s new subscribers with a greeting message. The greeting message also contains the channels’s Discord server and WhatsApp group invitation links.

In the first 2 or 3 days it worked very well, but now it simply silently drop the messages and the users are no longer getting them.

Since the whispers are meant to be sent only once, I think there shouldn’t be any issue with the whispers. Only new users can use the !sub command to get their greeting message.

So what would be the issue? Is there a way to get a verified bot or something? Is there any spam policie I should be aware of? Is there any set of token scopes I need to make it work properly?

I’m using the tmi.js JavaScript package along with Twitch Whispers endpoint.

Thank you.

You got spam blocked for sending identical whispers

Verified bots run into the same issue



Doesn’t matter

NOTE: The API may silently drop whispers that it suspects of violating Twitch policies. (The API does not indicate that it dropped the whisper; it returns a 204 status code as if it succeeded.)


Rate Limits : You may whisper to a maximum of 40 unique recipients per day. Within the per day limit, you may whisper a maximum of 3 whispers per second and a maximum of 100 whispers per minute.

This is exasberated if your messaging is identical and will be destected as such since you are providing links to things.

So your issues are

  • sending unsolicited whispers
  • sending identical messaging
  • hidding recipenent max
  • possibiliy been reported for spam

Whispers may only work for this use case if you are replying to a whisper and not sending “blind” as it were.

But whispers are not designed for the use case you are using it for

Hence you have issues.

The solution: don’t use whispers

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