Twitch4J - API Wrapper in Java

Twitch for Java library.

A big project made by 1 person. Now we going to level up. In this year we want make some more supportative, more reactive and more, and More and MOOOOOORE *evil laugh*


For now we want to introduce a Java library for Twitch. Our goal is a share not for Android programmer, not for Desktop programmer. We want doing it for ALL Java programmers.

In this year we planning build a reactive Helix API, rebuilds our current MessageInterface, creating PubSub, WebSub, supporting Android’s and more… For real. Our main repository and their dependent services will finds on:

Have you questions? Want give a feedback? Go to our repository or pick us our Discord server. The repository is still development stage. We still wanna listen your feedback. Any ideas are welcome. We will release 1.0.0 if everything is ready.

Created and maintained by Philipp Heuer (Hexafice on Twitch) as project leader.

Maintained by:

  • Philipp Heuer - Project leader
  • Damien Staszewski (yup that’s me)

Regards Damien


Bumping thread for announcing.

As you notice we starting prepare to release v1.0.0 but… We need hear your voice, soo… Could you help us improve and trying out our library (using jitpack)? Giving us feedback is very important to advancements of this project and will improve code in currently tested state. Go ahead… test it, give feedback/pull request. Don’t let this project die.

After all changes set, it will be released into JCenter and Maven Central.


Join to our Discord Server for discuss it.

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