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As a project for the university, I’ve been considering a JAVA-Software for Twitch (perhaps phyton).
Is it possible that I can use the TwitchAPI or twitch4j to get the livestream in combination with the live chat entries into my software?
I would evaluate in the next steps a sentiment analysis based on the image (streams) in combination with the chat replies.

Is there a possibility for that?

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Are you wanting to embed Twitch into software but do so at a lower level than simply using embeds?

Hello :slight_smile:
Yes, this is my plan. And then i want to do a sentiment analysis.
Do you know, is this possible?

It is possible, but you have to use more than the Twitch API. As the documentation for Twitch4J indicates, it communicates with the Twitch API and the Twitch IRC Server. These are separate entities. So, yes, the Twitch4J library can be used to interact with Twitch IRC and gather information from the API. Do be sure to read the Twitch Development Agreement and make sure what you gather fits within their guidelines.

Regarding sentiment analysis and monitoring videos, to the best of my knowledge (and, someone please correct me), the videos can only be viewed through the methods that Twitch provides, I do not believe there is an “API” per se. You might look into LiveStreamer ( to see how they process Twitch streams.

Hope that helps, and hope that isn’t too vague.


Just a little warning here, LiveStreamer didn’t work for Twitch last time I tried it, and hasn’t been updated for 3 years. I believe is the best method today.

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