I have noticed twitchclient 1 is no longer sending join/parts?

Anyone else noticed this and can twitch staff please update us on this.

Seems to have stopped sending joins/parts at around 20:52 uk time on the 30th May

Chat has been unstable in terms of presence (user lists, JOIN, PART, etc) and access levels (+o) over the last few days. What you are seeing might just be that.

Can we get an official twitch response please? I’ve checked with over 5 people now and all of their join/parts stopped around 8.50 yesterday so it looks like a more intentional change.

In my test a few moments ago, I’m seeing JOIN and PART using TWITCHCLIENT 1:

:mximos! PART #bwana
:ochrisgold! JOIN #bwana
:gardonmade! JOIN #bwana
:purpledragon15! PART #bwana
:racecondition! PART #bwana