Twitcher Payed Jukebox, Can Anyone Help me Make this?

A jukebox for my dancing channel ,with some tabs (My sellected songs, trap,edm,classic,chinese,movies, funk,disney,karaoke,instrumentals)

I could also lock it in one tab if I’m studying a specific tipe of musics, people can submit songs and vote on songs and pay X(5bucks minimum) for the song to be played, the highest money bidders would play the song first and you could pay XXX to highjack the song and You could make requests and I could accept them (with a voice commanD XD).It could be on the puzzle symbol piece the symbol and when the name of the song would play it would appear the name, would fade after a while to a dot, you could hover over it and like or hate the music and it would be saved.

Can Anyone help me do this?

If you want to hire someone to make this then the ‘looking-for-devs’ section of the TwitchDev channel on the Twitch App would be more appropriate than here, this is the invite link:

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