Twitchnotify only getting sent to TC3

I read about this in another thread, but some person said that its possibly a bug. Since i cant find any evidence on this being a bug im creating this thread to ask if it is. I would be fine with using TC3, if it only would get Part/Join messages(TC4? w/ twitchnotify & the part / join messages?)

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Support confirmed today that it is ticketed as a bug. No ETA on a fix.


Since there doesnt seem to be a fix for this yet, does anyone know a workaround to this?

Use TWITCHCLIENT 3. :smiley:

Well, that doesnt give leave / join messages from what i heard, or has that been fixed(?) yet? :smiley:

TC 2 and 3 don’t send JOIN/PART since they are designed for the web client which has no use for them as the viewer list is served over a separate API. I have not heard anything about twitchnotify being readded to the other clients. I’d guess it’s a low priority bug.

mh, well, i guess ill have to have two irc connections with both client types. Thanks for now anyways!

What about a new mode? Like TWITCHCLIENT 5 or something similar that sends joins/parts and <jtv> SPECIALUSER user subscriber.
That would be great for scripts to parse these messages and display subscribers and turbo in another way than other users. Twitch’s admins/mods could also be displayed more irc-like with an ~,& or else. A message like SPECIALUSER user staff isn’t very useful in a query :stuck_out_tongue: