TwitchPlaysPokemon* Inception Chat


So I wanted to have the chat Side broken in 3 ,

On the upper you have a litle rpg pokemon like game screen but the map is a representation of my head and the habits that I’m going to study trough twitch (Music realm, neoFunk Brazil, DutchTrap , classics, mainstream drunk land)

And people can control the doll in the chat number 2, and below they could comunicate with me, and somehow they could activate and triger musics by flying trough zones (there would also be the DICKcionary land, Improvisation Jungle, etc) and somehow work with a lil videogame developer to create something cool interactable out of this that would make sense for me to study music and would provide a fun way of interaction. Its like people would be inside of my head in a way.

Maybe They could fight Angelmons or whatever and in that short time a short trap song would be derived and I would have to Diss the Beast or To Love It or Random or Party.

I didn’t even thing so well of the game, is this doable?

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