Two streamers simultaneously streaming?

I’m planning to do a stream with one of my buddies. The plan is to use a software switcher and switch between each of our streams whenever something interesting is happening. Does anyone know any good (cheap) switcher software that allows for remote stream ingest? We’re on different networks. Another idea is to do something similar but instead of having his stream sent to the base computer, we each have our own twitch stream, and the switcher takes the 2 twitch channels as sources.

What would be a good way to do this? Goals include:
-Simultaneous gaming, switching between two computers 1 source at a time,
-split screen commentating from both of us.

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I’m not sure if I understand 100%, but if you just want to be able to stream his entire stream, I’d say get VLC ( and LiveStreamer (

Open a cmd prompt and type “livestreamer URL best” and it will open VLC with the best quality, then in OBS ( you can add a window capture for the “inner” window of VLC.

Then all you have to do is change the scene to fit your needs… mini in the corner, fullscreen… etc

and of course this would be 100% free.

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