Typescript(Node.JS) Wrapper

I hope it is useful for someone :smiley:

You should probably revoke that OAuth token you have in the code. Publishing a valid token, especially one with chat_login scope is a bad idea, and also against the developer agreement


Thanks for reminding, I’ve removed the test file from repo and regenerated my key.

Just wanted to give you a reminder to revoke the token. Even if you’ve removed the file from the repository it’s still possible to see the OAuth token in the commit history, and the token is still showing as valid.

I thought I regenerated my key, but it looks like it didn’t. Where do I regenerate it?

https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication#revoking-access-tokens explains how to revoke an OAuth token. Logging into the account the OAuth token belongs to, and disconnecting the app that generated the token from your connections page https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections should also revoke the token.

If by regenerated your key, you mean your secret key for your app, that doesn’t invalidated tokens that have already been created with it.

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