Umlaut characters posted in mIRC dont show up in twitch chat

Hi i type names and places with umlaut characters (such as Ä, ä) into my channels irc while logged into mIRC and they wont show up in twitch chat, while sentances consisting of only regular english latin chaaracters show up.

Ändy = doesnt show up
Andy = does show up

Please help.

ps: If you type umlaut and accented characters directly into twitch chat in the web browser, they will be posted. however i want to post in mIRC using a bot

Have you tried changing the character encoding mIRC is using to UTF-8 or similiar?

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Thanks I Changed View Menu > Font> UTF-8 from Default to Display and Encode.
That fixed my problem. Thankyou.

I am using mIRC 6.21

I suspect that some later versions of mIRC are Unicode only which might be a problem for some people.

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