Unable hosted testing, Refused to execute script because its MIME type

Hi, I’m trying to get my local test to hosted test,
here’s the file:

| |-script.js

but I got error that said:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()

Refused to execute script from ‘https://xxxxxxxxx.ext-twitch.tv/js/script.js’ because its MIME type (‘text/plain’) is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

but it works fine in local test.

your script isn’t at this location

Extensions are uploaed a sub folder othe extensions subdomain

Your viewer.html has a <script src="/script"> instead of <script src="script.js">

You get a mime type as you got a 404

Thank you Barry. My viewer.html has a <script src="/js/script.js"></script>, and the script.js is in a folder named js. is it wrong?

You are trying to use an absolute link

Your HTML is at


And so your js is at


Your used an absolute link instead of a relative link to load your JS so you tried to load from the wrong place.

How stupid I am! I changed it to <script src="js/script.js"></script> and everything is ok.
Thank you very much Barry!