Unable to create an Extension


So I’m onboarded and can get to the screen where creating an Extension is possible but when I click create it advises that “The twitch back end is not reachable at this time contact a moderator” it then creates an APP with the Extension name but not an Extension…

Any ideas?



Hey Joshua. Would you mind letting me your Twitch username, so we can check into this?


Certainly my username is TeabagzNZ

I’m getting the same error, username bluecloudart

It reports an error, but creates an App with the information entered into the Extension form. Nothing shows up under extensions.

Thanks, we’re looking into it!


Any chance someone from Twitch operations could create a basic extension for me, or is the whole creation endpoint down? I don’t want to be a pain or anything, but I had the day off and was hoping to spend my time getting a basic extension up and running.

Pinged you on Twitch to get more information from you.

Pinged you on Twitch to get more information

Hi, didn’t wanted to open another topic, got the same problem with the extension creation. Whenever I try to create one, I get Could not communicate with Twitch backend. Please contact a moderator. Also, when I tab on Apps, I see the extension as an app there, but on extensions I have 0. My twitch username is: terror2012


Sounds good. Thanks for letting me know. I"m troubleshooting it now.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I get the “Could not communicate with Twitch backend. Please contact a moderator.” message when making an Extension. However the Extension shows up in my dashboard as an “Available Extension” but I don’t see it on developer dashboard.

We are rolling out a fix out now. I’ll update this thread when it is live.


@nmarkro @BlueCloudDev @InDeepTerror @Teabagz

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Awesome! Works perfectly.

Thanks you for your help.

Confirm, everything works.
Thanks for help!!!