Unable to enable Bits on my channel

I get the error

An error occurred while activating bits. Please try again later or contact our support.

when I try to enable bits after i submitted all the required forms and after they got approved. I clicked various times but It dont work.

PS: I got the monetization feature via twitch dev not with affiliate or partner

Users cannot use (live) bits/cheering/extension usage on their own channel.

The exception is for certain testing criteria for extensions which will only “test use bits”.

And if your account is not affilate+ then you can’t do a chat cheer anyway.
So sounds like you are trying to use Bits in Extensions. and running into “same channel” issue as your test configuration is wrong

But how do i would get bits from my extension then? Do I need to be Partner or Affiliate?

As a streamer with extensions on your channel
Or as an extension developer recieving rev share

Moving to Discord

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