Unable to see Panel Extensions content on this PC

On my twitch page I’ve installed 3 panel extensions. Link to my page.

Extensions currently installed and configured and populated with content:

StreamElements Leaderboard

Extensions currently installed but not populated with content:

I can load up all of the extensions on this PC just fine, however I can’t see any of the content or interact with any of the interactive Panel Extensions such as Bit Arcade. This is true for anyone else’s page as well.

The problem occurs in both Chrome and MS Edge.

I’m using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I don’t think this is an issue with my browsers or their version.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Fine here.

Better off checking with the developer of Queue


I am the author of Queue and am interested in the problem you’re having. All the extensions appear to be loading on my connection right now. If i read your comment correctly you don’t specifically have a problem with queue, just stating you have not populated it with content, however you can’t load content/interact with any of the panels?

In developing extensions I did find that on some odd occasions that extensions outline would be shown but they do not render. This was true even after refreshing. I can not say if it was due to a CDN issue or the javascript’s extension watchdog ‘supervisor’ which i saw throw errors some times.

I find in these cases having F12/DevTools window open and watch console errors and network traffic to try figure out whats going on.

If I misunderstood your comment and there is an issue with queue directly, please create a ticket on the github project page either through the configuration panel or https://github.com/Serivy/StreamTheory/issues if its not loading.