Unable to send messages to channels other than my own (except for 1 account)

So I’m trying to make a bot for twitch, through irc (pIRC on java) and I’m having issues.

I only seem to be able to send messages to the users own channel. Except for one account, which can send messages to any channel for some reason.

Every account that I connect to twitch to gives me these verbose messages:
1625704200190 :tmi.twitch.tv 375 NAME :-
1625704200191 :tmi.twitch.tv 372 NAME :You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
1625704200191 :tmi.twitch.tv 376 NAME :>

and if I choose to join the channel (not necessary to send a message) it says:
625704227005 >>>JOIN #CHANNEL
1625704227227 :NAME!NAME@NAME.tmi.twitch.tv JOIN #CHANNEL
1625704227461 :NAME.tmi.twitch.tv 353 NAME = #CHANNEL :NAME
1625704227461 :NAME.tmi.twitch.tv 366 NAME #CHANNEL:End of /NAMES list

and sending a single message looks like:
1625704638354 >>>PRIVMSG #CHANNEL :hi

It looks like this when the message goes through AND when it doesn’t go through. No difference in the logs. No exceptions thrown or errors in the logs.

When I started the bot earlier I was trying out different stuff and different accounts and they all worked but then this issue suddenly happened and only one account can send messages to every channel (my normal twitch acc, not the bot). So dno what’s going on.

Anyone knows what may be happening?

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