Unable to send Whispers to some users

My bot account has been unable to send a lot of my viewers whispers. (though some other viewers receive its whispers fine.) The API responds with HTTP 204 as usual, but the messages get silently dropped. Maybe twitch thinks its against ToS? though my bot only really whispers to send regulars of my stream game passwords to join me on stream to play with me. And only after doing a command in my regular stream chat. It has never contacted people who haven’t interacted with my stream chat. It receives whispers from anyone just fine.

my bot’s name is catbot_maid

A lot of people are unable to receive whispers from my bot.

  • I’ve made sure recipients have their settings set to allow for whispers.
  • I’ve tried sending whispers through the twitch website, and it appears to be sent, but its gone after a refresh and the recipient never receives it either.
  • It doesn’t even work after recipients sending my bot a whisper first.
  • I’ve tried asking Twitch Support about it but they’ve been less than helpful.

I need help. I just want my bot being able to send whispers again to everyone.

The “what ifs” involed with whispers are many.

Generally they just don’t work well for bots to use.

See notes attached to Reference | Twitch Developers

In general you will find a bot can more easily reply to a whisper conversation that to start a whisper conversation.

But since we are talking game passwords, you might be getting spam dropped becuase you send a lot of identical/mostly identical whispers in a short time.

Whispers don’t belong to channels. So replying to a command via whisper means it’s a brand new whisper conversaction.

If you wanted a regular to run a command to get the password privately then you would want your regulars to send the bot a whisper command and have the bot reply. That may improve your deliverbility.

Unfortunately the best advice is to not use Whispers

But an extension or other medium instead. Whispers are just not reliable for bots. Too many what ifs

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