Unable to talk or receive messages in some channels (temporarily)

I had a very weird bug yesterday where I was unable to read or talk in some channels.
My own and some others worked fine both in the web browser and in my app.
Sending a message with my account on the webbrowser didn’t get through to the app and vice versa. but if someone else sent a message whether from web or from the app it got through in my app :thinking:
After waiting some time (a night) it works again in those channels.
I’ve very confused about what happened, maybe someone has an idea of what was going on?

This sounds like you exceeded the Twitch Rate limits and your account received a temporary global ban (which lasts around 30 minutes I believe)

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from sending too many messages perhaps? I find it curious it still worked in some channels.
The ones i tested in that worked, i had a vip badge so maybe that helped bypass the limit?

I was trying to reproduce a bug in the app by spamming message my channel so that would make sense.

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