Unauthorized access using non-interactive iframe embed

Hi, I’m experiencing the same errors as described in this post:

That post is closed, which is my I’m making a new one.

In that post @DallasNChains says

These happen when you’re not logged in. It shouldn’t change the viewing experience

However, when I’m trying to play the stream nothing happens and I get the following error in the JS console.

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The element has no supported sources.

Is this a know error and if so, is there a way around it?

Can you post your code that you’re using for the embed? That will help with debugging.

This is an example of the iframe that is mounted in the DOM.
<iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://player.twitch.tv/?channel=burkeblack&html5" allowfullscreen autoplay frameborder="0" scrolling="no" class="twitch-player"></iframe>

And the following is what’s happening in the JS Console when mounting and then hitting Play a couple of times

The html5 URL parameter should not be used. It’s an undocumented option there to enable a proof-of-concept version of the html5 player. The html5 beta is available for everyone now so let the user choose.

Agree with @3ventic. HTML5 is released for everyone, so you shouldn’t need to use the HTML5 query string parameter. Does removing that help?

Ok, cool. Then I guess we’ll remove the &html5 query param.

However, with some extended testing, with and without &html5, using Chrome and Device Mode the issue of The element has no supported sources only occurs when having an iPhone set as emulated device. However, on a real iPhone device I can not reproduce this error

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