Undocumented kraken /videos/<id>/comments endpoint


I know the comments endpoint is both v5 (deprecated), and undocumented, but it’s something I might need for a project, so I’m willing to go for it for now, though I have no clue how to use it.
I found some open source projects implementing it, but I am wondering if someone has an unofficial documentation or just a simple explainer on how the endpoint works.

Sorry for it, but we cannot provide support for undocumented Endpoints.

I highly recommend to not use it, as it being undocumented most likely means it is not meant for third party consumption and may be considered a breach of the developer agreement, which may come with legal action being taken.

Additionally, as you also mentioned, kraken is very End-Of-Life and will be shut down within the next month, so your time with it will be very limited.

What exactly is your usecase? Maybe there can be a different solution for what you’re aiming for!

Sorry for the late response!

I simply want to extract the chat messages from a VOD.
Is there another way to do this without kraken?

There are no supported/documented API endpoints for this.

For feature requests please file a uservoice


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