Unique Active Channels


quick question about the “Unique Active Channels” stat in the CSV, because I’m not really sure…
Is this the the number of unique channels that have been live with at least 1 viewer and have the Extension active?

Because I have an Extension that is whitelisted for only 10 channels and was activated only on 1-2 of those channels the past days. But the “Unique Active Channels” is way higher. There are days with +20 and “Last 30 days” with +100


Hi @Altoar,

Thank you for flagging this issue for our team. You are correct that ‘Unique Active Channels’ refers to the number of unique channels with at least 1 render. Could you let me know the name and the extension client id so that we can investigate this issue?


Hey Kristin,

Sure, the name is “Vote Now” and the client ID: iax11orzq0qyu4cuebmstnn530856g

The Extension was active on 1 channel on the weekend but it says 14 for 08/12 and 12 for 08/11
Also I don’t know why there are 6 unique identity links on Sunday. I don’t use this feature for this Extension.


Thank you for this additional information @Altoar! Our team is looking into this and we will keep you posted on both issues.

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