Unity3D game engine for Twitch extension

So I have this idea for interactive mini game that would fit being an extension very well.

I wanted to build it in Unity3D (https://unity3d.com/) using its WebGL export. Tested it out and I could use it with transparent background (to keep stream visible) and with reasonable memory footprint (tbh I was suprised, but it worked nice on my shitty laptop).

In your guidelines you have points to protect users from evals and stuff. I checked that unity uses evals to parse generated asm.js that would be in included assets.

My question is will a mini-game built with Unity3D/WebGL be allowed? Maybe I can include source code of the game or sth so you can know it’s legit?

Has anybody tried this yet? I am curious how to find out if this follows the policies prior to investing the development time.

Thank you in advance,

I anticipate a no from upstairs upon submission.

Not all browsers/users will have the unity plugin installed, it’s not standard yet is it?

That violates:

Extensions may not require a third-party download to work for viewers. (Additional required software for the broadcaster is acceptable.)

Further more, a unity based game in an extension, could lead to being very browser heavy and lagging the video/chat as a whole which could degrade the whole twitch experience?

Right now, there wouldn’t be a way to submit the source for review (citing: notes about webpack and minification/uglicitication from other posts).

The current expectation is everything is going to be HTML/javascript

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You have necroed a thread that is over six months old and things may have changed…