Unknown message format / invalid channel

Good day!

My bot recently received a PRIVMSG from one channel, but this message was weirdly structured:

:twitchnotify!twitchnotify@twitchnotify.tmi.twitch.tv PRIVMSG #elkinoo :delusionsofadequacy just subscribed to sourkoolaidshow!

This message, which is a PRIVMSG, is sent by TwitchNotify at 1488345729876 EPOCH time. Usually, messages from viewers/irc users contains TAGS (@ + semicolon separated key/value attributes) but this one has none, and was considered a ServerMessage by my code.

Here are my questions:
1 - Why is this PRIVMSG without tags ?
2 - Is this an official twitch account that broadcasts to channels ?
3 - Why is he notifying #elkinoo that someone subscribed to #sourkoolaidshow ?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Coz this message hasn’t been upgraded to send tags
  2. Yes
  3. elkinoo Is hosting sks
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ok thanks!

Sorry to have kept that one short. But three questions three easy answers.

  1. Old System is too old
  2. TwitchNotify sends the “brand new sub” notification always. Resubs are always by USERNOTICE.
  3. Long and short of it is, that subscriber events are copied from the host channel to the hosting channels. So for a while (until recent changes) you did get resubs too. But of late it’s just new subs.
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