Upcoming "New Follower" WebHook Question and Suggestion

How will the upcoming “New Follower” WebHook handle potential Follow spam? (follow/unfollow/follow/unfollow/follow)

I would assume that it could not be retriggered within a set period of time. However, i would personally suggest making it so once someone follows a channel, a hidden value in their User Information (only accessible by Twitch) remembers that they followed at some point in their accounts life-span, and even if they unfollow and refollow (due to whatever reason), the WebHook would never report another follow after the first initial follow.

Personally I would leave that processing to the 3rd party application to determine. A follow event is a follow event regardless if they were previously following or not.

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I agree with @george. That should be something a 3rd party app would have to handle accordingly.

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