Update Twitch "Panel" through Twitch API?


I have searched through the forum and it seems like for the moment it is impossible to update the panels under the stream via the API. Is there any news from the developers about that ? Will this feature be implemented in the future or am I waiting for something that will never come ?

Thanks a lot for your answer :no_mouth:

I wish! This would allow third parties to at least update a panel for channels. This was requested back in 2012, and there’s been no progress unfortunately: https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/issues/37

Yeah I totally agree with Night here… This would be really nice to have!

Thanks for your replies,

I’m asking this because during “The International 5” a Dota 2 event organized by Valve. The panels were updated after the beginning of the game with the portraits and the skills of the heroes chosen for that match. But I guess it was done “manually” :frowning: it’s kinda sad. A friend of mine told me Riot has done the same with League of Legends during the WCS for example.

There is plenty of cool things to think about with this kind of stuff ! I hope we will be able to have an answer from the dev’ team :yum:

Twitch has custom auto-updating panels for large events, but I have no idea when/if they will ever open up that to all channels. I believe those custom panels render raw HTML, which I don’t think Twitch would ever allow for ordinary panels.

Ok I wasn’t aware of that. That’s a nice information.

Well that topic doesn’t seems to draw a lot of attention so I suppose no answer from the Twitch people is like an answer after all :confused:

I agree that this would be a cool feature, and I’d personally like to support it in the future, but have no idea when it’d happen.

Ok, it’s not a release date, but it is still an answer from the staff and thanks a lot for this ! :relieved:

Let us know when this cool little feature pop in your backlog :yum:

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