Updating organization information

Good Morning Everyone,

I know everything is on pause at the moment which is totally fine, but I am hoping to acquire a domain soon for my organization to use instead of the current one. But I have had to hold that off due to I cannot see or find any place to change anything for my organization and was wondering is this due to the current pause.

I was wondering am I not seeing anything due to my organization was accepted and processed the day everything was paused, all I see when I click on [Manage Organizations] button is information for Role Management where it says I am the owner and that is about it, no Site URL, or Email Address nothing.


To change the Org URL you’ll need to reach out to developers@twitch.tv and they will be able to process it. Because of the current pause on reviews this may take longer than normal, but in TwitchDev stream earlier this week they did say the current plan is to have reviews back up and running this month.

Thanks for the quick response, yeah I thought it was down to where reviews etc being paused, but just wanted to make sure.
There is no rush at the moment, but its good knowing I have a way to get stuff updated / changed when I am all ready.

Once again thanks.

Could you clarify if there’s a specific timeline or conditions that need to be met for things to resume as normal? Just trying to plan ahead. :spiral_calendar:

There is no specific timeline or conditions posted, becuase this information is unknown

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