Upload approved extension to two channels

I am developing an extension for another channel, but I want to first make sure that the extension will be approved before giving it to my client.

  1. Can I upload it live to my channel for it to get reviewed, after approved can it be deleted?

  2. If I upload the same version of my extension to a different channel, will this second channel have any issues at the review process?

Thank you

You don’t ‘upload’ the extension to a channel. You upload it to Twitch’s CDN, and you would add the channel your testing it on to the Testing Account Allowlist, and the channel you’re making it for to the Streamer Allowlist.

This will allow you to install the extension on your test channel for the purpose of testing, and the review process, and if it passes review and you set the extension to Live, the extension will then be available to the channel on the Streamer Allowlist

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Awesome that makes sense! Thank you!