Uptime api (beta.decapi.me)

I saw some IRC bot repository in github using this api

made from

https://beta.decapi.me/twitch/uptime/channel_name(as string)

but in twitch dev forums people are seems to be not using this API
(instead of recommending justintv API)

is there are any reason? or there are could be a problem using this?

It seems like it’s just trimming API requests from Twitch APIv5

To get uptime

use webhooks


That’ll give you the start time, then just subtract start from now

Or the streams API:

That’ll give you “started_at” and then just subtract start from now

No need to rely on someone else’s API when you can can the answer from Twitch to start with.

Calling their API limits you to their formatting, when if you call Twitch directly you can format the response how you want.

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