URL Manipulation help : ) iOS stuff

I’m embedding twitch highlights into an iOS app. I’m currently retrieving URLs from a database that was intended for desktop viewing. I have retrieved URLs such as this
and can convert it into this
which works fantastically in an iOS web view.
The problem is that there are also links such as this
where there is a /c/ rather than a /v/, which seems to make it not work in the same way. Can anyone tell me what the significance of /c/ is and whether or not there is a workaround for this? Thanks

Videos with c in the URL are old highlights Twitch called “chapters.” They are stored in raw FLV format, so you are not able to load them in the new player (they require Flash). New VoDs use HLS playlists, which is supported natively on iOS and the new HTML5 player you are embedding.

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Awesome. Thanks a lot. Exactly what I was after.

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