Url overlay in twitch settings

I think that it would be smart if you could put your Custom URL overlay in the twitch Channel and video settings. I think this would be good for all people using streaming services that don’t Support URL Overlays, one of those streaming services is shadowplay.

I have absolutely no idea how this pertains to Twitch Extensions?!

Can you elaborate?

Sounds like they are looking for an extension that will allow you to upload an image as an overlay instead of using it as a layer in OBS/XSplit. Mainly for people broadcasting from console or using software that doesn’t support multiple sources like Shadowplay.

Ah well that’s pretty much a flat denial for acceptance from twitch I bet

Aside from the attempts that an overlay will make to play sounds. And the liberal splashing of a shit tonne of offplatform assets

It’s flat bypassing the code reviewing done for extensions.