Url to profile picture without unique id

AFAIK you are able to get your profile logo about an url like: “http://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/jtv_user_pictures/test_channel-profile_image-94a42b3a13c31c02-300x300.jpeg
But you are not able to just replace the channelname to get another profile logo because of the unique id. In this case it is “94a42b3a13c31c02”.
Do you know another link or an url with active streamers, shown with profile logo? Like http://twitch-tools.rootonline.de/show_all_channel_previews.php?filter=all , just with profile logo

Thank you

You have linked to a page with a stack of currently live stream thumbnail…

Both the stream thumb and channel profile can be fetched from the streams kraken API endpoint (if live) or for just channel/use logos the user endpoint

So in summary, for the channel(s) you want, poke the Twitch API and then read the response

Alright, thank you for your reply. I will try this way.

Like Barry said: Its a good idea to look, what the api returns and most of the time u will find the answer.

dis is done in under 5 mins:

Awesome! I wish I could create this so easy like you :frowning:
Would you help me with my last step filter every username at: http://twitch-tools.rootonline.de/show_all_channel_previews.php?filter=all
My plan is to create the same site just with profile picture, etc.

A Man can not live just by some Air and Love. But u can message me: admin@xcsone.de
I might take a look.

Here you go, all 3 image types:


Be aware that just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Especially the video_banner (offline images) are pretty big so it’s not unlikely that your browser will hang or crash. Also the 3 links above will only show channel which have the corresponding image (and are currently
online), just FYI.

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