Use API to Purge One Chat Message?

Is there a way to purge one chat message through the API, like when MooBot purges a link?

You can use “.timeout 1” which will timeout for one second.

All timeouts send a CLEARCHAT for a username, which replaces their preceding messages with in the chat client.

aaron_clay, do you have an example of using .timeout 1?
I plan on adding purging functionality to my bot but haven’t gotten the time to do so yet.

It would save me some research.

The RAW IRC commands:

PRIVMSG #channel .timeout target_troll 1

What I want to do is purge a single message, not all the messages for a user (which is trivially simple as mentioned).

When for example someone posts a link, it seems MooBot can purge just that message.

I want to know how to purge a single message.

It’s not possible to purge just one message. The user’s entire scrollback will be removed.

Then how do the bot’s do it?

It doesn’t.

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To clarify george’s response, bots typically purge all of a user’s messages using a timeout of 1 second as earlier mentioned. This can sometimes look like they are just deleting a single message if the user only has one message on screen, possibly due to slow mode.

i have the following line:

$server->send_raw(sprintf("PRIVMSG %s .timeout %s 1", $ch->getName(), $n));

Do I need to do something else to make the purging work?

That looks correct although I’m not familiar with the syntax for whatever IRC framework you are using.

I am using the IRC client Irssi on Debian.
My bot is written in PERL and I have it send out the raw command when it parses !timeout or !purge .

No messages get purged and they do not get timed out for x seconds.
So that has to be an issue with Irssi, have to look into that, more debugging yay!

EDIT: fixed by appending ‘:’ before the user’s nick in the send_raw function.

Is there a list somewhere with privmsg commands?