Use Channel Points in Twitch Extensions?

Hello there!

First time building a Twitch Extension. As part of my extension, I want to enable viewers to spend Bits or Channel Points to trigger something in the Extension. Unfortunately, I could only find information about hooking up Bits in Extensions and not Channel Points.

Is it possible to use Channel Points instead of Bits in Extensions? If so, how exactly? I couldn’t find a resource pointing out how to achieve this.

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The only way to use Channel Points is through the user interacting with Channel Points redemption system on the Twitch Channel.

This means that if you want your Extension to utilize Channel Points, you would need to have the Extension get the appropriate scopes on a token from the broadcaster to create Channel Points rewards on their channel, and then have your EBS listen for redemptions to those rewards and trigger functionality within your Extension accordingly.

There was a UserVoice feature request for using channel points within Extensions, Channel point transaction in extension – Twitch UserVoice, but Twitch Declined the feature request with a response as of Jan 2021 of:

At this time, we are purposefully only allowing Channel Points redemptions in the chat UI on for a consistent viewer experience. Closing this suggestion for now to confirm this is not actively being investigated for Extensions.

Thank you for replying and clarifying why Channel Point redemptions aren’t a feature by default. I’ll have to explore the route of using EBS to listen for redemptions.

Have a great day! :+1: