Use emoticons from Twitch

Greetings! Tell me please, can I use smilies of Twitch, in order to create stickers for social network “Vkontakte” (, just with smiles from Twitch. For example, in this social network are present, such as stickers with the characters from the TV series “Game of Thrones”.

It seems to me that the stickers with smiles from Twitch (such as well-known Kappa), will enjoy wide popularity among gamers, which in this social network a lot, there are even multi-million community dedicated to video games.

If Kappa and other emoticons out of copyright - how to get these rights? Do I need to buy them? Or rather your permission? I think the stickers Kappa help further popularize Twitch among Russian-speaking gamers.

In order for you to understand - stickers in an analogue of the usual smiles, but larger in size and carried out in a certain style of a character (or set of characters). Stickers are almost always paid and cost about one dollar (though occasionally there are also free)

And another question - whether there is a Russian-language Twitch administration, and whether it has something to do?

Thank you!

All Twitch emoticons are Twitch’s property and can’t be used without prior agreement. They can never be used for commerical reasons. You’d have to email our legal team:

ie the I need to write to this address to reconcile this matter?

Yes, any legal agreements go through our legal department.

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