Use old (flash) twitch player

Not sure if it’s the case, but it looks like the new player has been put in place. Is there a way to keep using the old one or to prevent the use of the <video> based player?

All desktop apps (built with AIR) are currently broken.

Anyone awake?

Can you be a little more specific about how you are embedding the stream? I’m still seeing the Flash player while using on Chrome, FF, IE11, and Edge.

:channel/embed or :channel/popout. Both give the same result… no stream.

Up to now the video player was added via the <object> tag. From what I can see, this is no longer the case, which is probably why it fails (javascript shenanigans).

And ´´ is not an option. The controls are missing and fullscreen doesn’t work at all.

Try embedding the Flash object, TwitchPlayer.swf, directly?

I’m pretty sure I tried that at some point (in the past) and it had its own issues. One of them being that if you click on the video it takes you to the twitch website. That’s a big no no.

This is a desktop application where every stream (you can watch mutliple streams) is opened in a separate window (hence the use of /:channel/popout), so every window acts like a media player. Imagine a media player that when clicked takes you to some webpage.

This is also used in a desktop dashboard, where the streamer can view his/her own stream. Same thing, clicking the stream should not navigate away from the video player. That’s just bad.

Unless this behavior can be disabled - or changed to the default behavior where it goes fullscreen - the Player API is not an option.

That’s probably why you are running into issues, /popout is not meant to be embedded in 3rd party applications. Also, blocking click-throughs is technically a violation of the API TOS so you are sort of asking for trouble anyway.

  1. Click-throughs.

You won’t try to obstruct the click-through to the channel page or the ads on Twitch’s proprietary video player (“Twitch Player”).

I don’t know why I still bother, but here goes anyways… please read the initial question/issue.

Using /popout has worked in all my desktop apps for the past 3 years. Using the embed is not an option because of its unexpected behavior.

I’m not preventing / blocking any clickthroughs, thus not breaking any rules. Again I’d ask to (re)read and try to understand the issue… If you don’t understand the real issue, stop trying to help as you’re not helping and get me someone that can help.

Things have changed (the way the video player is added to the page) and now break existing applications that have worked fine for years.

No offense, but please stop suggesting workarounds and the likes. This seems to be the default behavior here at Twitch instead of looking into the real issue.

Because it was brought up, I’ll elaborate on the clickthrough issue a bit. There’s no need for it to be the whole player. With the embed, the whole player becomes a redirect instead of the expected fullscreen (double click). The fullscreen behavior is what people expect, because it’s the standard behavior in every single media player on the planet, including for instance YouTube. And with the YouTube embed/API you can even customize it so it shows no YT branding at all.

I’ve read and understood your issue and have offered a solution - using a supported method for embedding a Flash player in your application but you rejected this because it has a click-through.

Simply put, /popout is meant to provide a popout for the main website, not in a 3rd party app. In fact, it will even prevent you from embedding it an HTML iframe. (At least it used to in the past, I haven’t tried in the last year or so.) You seem to like to use unsupported methods for doing things based the previous threads on this forum and then complain when they are changed or removed.

If you think there is a bug in /popout then please report it through the proper channels since it’s not an API component:

Sorry but no, you haven’t :smile:

Note the “one of them” in there??

It’s a very common thing for desktop apps to include webpages as part of the application, especially if the so called API is lacking, not working properly, etc, etc… I can deal with things changing, but actually breaking or removing functionality is a different thing altogether.

The fact that I have to resort to using these methods (for both the video player and plain app authorization) says it all tbh. But again, all I hear/see here is avoiding tactics instead of looking into the issue, being it either the popup being broken or the embed not behaving as expected and numerous other things (I have a quite extensive list by now).

I don’t feel I need to report a bug. I reported a dev issue here, on the dev forum. Not an API issue but a web issue, hence why this is posted under the help/web category.

I have to agree with @george here. You’re using an unsupported page to embed. How is it Twitch’s fault that it broke for you, when you weren’t supposed to be using it in the first place? If anything, they resolved a bug by blocking your ability to embed that page (the page now serves HTTP header “X-Frame-Options:SAMEORIGIN”).

I’m afraid you guys don’t really understand what it is I’m doing. I’m simply trying to display a webpage in a browser… last I checked that’s what they’re for.

If I’m not mistaken that would only come into play if I’d embed the /popout in another webpage (and that page is not Again, that’s not what I’m doing.

To answer the original question, I am not aware of any changes to the popout page transitioning from an object tag to a video tag. Indeed, if I visit /popout in chrome I receive the flash player.

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