Use "Subscribe" button in my extension

Hi all,
is it possible to use Subscribe-functionality in my extension?

As in a link to subscribe to the streamer that the extension is in use on?

It’s not built into the JS Helper.

And I do not believe that would constitute something that breaks the rules, since it’s a link to the subscribe page for that streamer.

But theres no real need for it since the link is above the video (or to the left) anyway.

I need to put Subscribe button into my extension.
And after click on Subscribe button - show window with 3 type of subscription tiers. With possibility to check one of them.

So you wish to obtain money from viewers not as part of a Twitch subscription to a broadcaster?

That is not permitted under the rules and guidelines of extensions

  • Extensions may not transact or encourage the transacting of monetary exchange in relation to any non-Twitch/Amazon commerce instruments.

As per 4. Commerce

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No, I want to use standard Twitch money scenario, but I want to place this button on my Extension and by clicking - open standard popup with tiers.

There is currently no JS Helper functions to help support that.

And off hand I’m not sure what the ruling would be for Twitch as from your iframe/extension you’ve have to whitelist and you’d be essentially “offsite” linking to which would be a suboptimal payment flow.

It’s not “against the rules” but I don’t think Twitch would accept an extension supporting that, but should be a thing Twitch could add to the JSHelper to like they do with the follow button.

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Are you mean in future? :slight_smile:

One can dream. I’m not twitch staff so can’t say yes or no, and I don’t recall seeing it on the roadmap.

It is a weird thing to add, as the subscribe button is already predoninately displayed on the page (in the sidebar on the left in the new UI)

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Sure I understand it.
I just wanted to know your opinion, because your are know a lot about development for Twitch. :slight_smile:

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