User Authentification on consoles

Hi there!
So, I’m using UE4 and I successfully authenticated (on PC) a user using the new Twitch API ( but this requires me to have a web browser implementation in-game, which is an issue on consoles (PS4/Xbox/etc).

From what I can see from the documentation, there is no way around this web browser requirement but since I’m pretty new to the Twitch API, I’m wondering If I am maybe missing something.

This seems like a big limitation on what we could do with Twitch in our game, requiring a web browser seems overkill in that context.

So, If there is other options, I’m all ears!


Have you seen how the YouTube app does authentication?

You click “go” on the YouTube app on the console, if shows a code, you put the code into the YouTube website. And boom it links.

Some details:

I don’t think this is relevant to my issue? You seem to talk about a user feature to link a Youtube account to a 360 account. I’m interestered in how to do authentication with the Twitch API in my game and not requiring a browser to do so.

Suggests that you are creating a game on console.

My suggestion is that your Game must have a way to talk to ConsoleServices and see the gamertag/whatever.

Create a website for you game that allows you to login via ConsoleServices and then link the twitch to that.

Or create website that logins via Twitch and then displays a “link code”, enter the link code into your game on the console

Ok, thanks for the suggestion, this is one path we are investigating, but still, I would like a way to authenticate user on my console that does not require me to create a website :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything that request the user to quit the game, go to a computer (or the browser on the console) and do some more steps will probably ends in the feature being underused.

If this is the only way, we’ll end up doing something similar to what you proposed, but I would like to make sure I’m not overlooking something simpler.

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