User Data Authorization in Hosted Test?

I’m working on an extension and would like to have features that use user data if authorized but I cant find a way to do that in local or hosted test.

As the developer/broadcaster when onAuthorized fires, the auth.userId is correct and I can use that to lookup my information. But when using any other account, the userId is opaque and I cant use it to get any information.

For those other accounts, I cant find any way to authorize my extension to access their information.

The How to Configure Extensions documentation (Twitch Help Portal) describes:

You may revoke an Extension’s access at any time via the connections page in your Twitch Settings. You can also manage individual Extensions permissions on web by visiting this link and on mobile by clicking the 3 Vertical Dots menu icon on any Extension.

But the “this link” page goes to a screen that says Access Denied - You do not have permissions to access this page.

Going into Settings / Connections I do see the section for Extensions Connections but it just says you have not shared your Twitch username with any extensions.

How can I share the account information with an extension in development?

You need to enable “ID Sharing” in the extensions capabilities in the console.
Then ask the user using your extension to share their ID with the extension

Example: GitHub - BarryCarlyon/twitch_profile_extension: A simple Twitch Extension to cover the basics of using the JWT and EBS together to get Twitch API information
See also: requestIDShare() under helper: actions - Extensions Reference | Twitch Developers

The customer support guide refers to streamers adding/removing extensions from their channel, and/or users revoking access, not directly for users using extensions. So you ended up in the wrong part of the documentation/support

On a panel extension the “dude” icon can also be used, the “shareID” (in this example) button invokes requestIDShare

On video this is behind the taskbar in the “manage access” button

Okay, yes the Request Identity Link looks like what I was missing. Thank you for the prompt reply.

It seems odd that with that option disabled I am able to get info from my own account (broadcaster role) but not others.

The broadcaster is always logged in to extensions on their own channel, regardless of any settings/controls

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