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Hello, I am a complete noob and don’t know much about this stuff and would like some help! I want to create a simple program that will create a list comparing your followers and following list so you can see who you are following that is not following you and visa versa! Any help is much appreciated!

The API for checking whom you follow is documented here:

You can get YOUR follows and then do lots of from_id/to_id match lookups to to compared

Thank you !! I know which API to use, I guess I am asking more like for help on how to apply it to a simple program that you can run on your PC. Do you think you could help me or at least point me in the right direction ?

The solutions for a desktop program are many depends on the languages you know.

Making a pure web solution (running as a website) is a little less complicated, but still has the similar issues on limitations regarding rate limit since to calculate the intersects will require many API lookups.

ah… Do you know of a website or video I can go to that will assist me with either adding it to my website or make a simple program??? I really don’t know like anything about this stuff and don’t want to waste anymore of your time with someone that doesn’t know anything…

Not really.

The core component is basic HTTP/cURL requests then it’s just math at that point.

And then you just need to consider rate limits if you are performing a large intersect

Hmmm… Also I noticed that when I try … I come back with “{“error”:“Bad Request”,“status”:400,“message”:“No client id specified”}” and I am not sure how to make the program pull a client ID if it requires a client ID to start with… Really sorry how ignorant I sound xD Just not smart with this stuff

See Step 1

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