User lookup Unprocessable Entity question

I’ve run into a situation where I have noticed some users showing up on the chatters endpoint for a channel, but when attempting to get their user ID there has been no results. returns {"_total":0,"users":[]} and<Username> returns {"error":"Unprocessable Entity","status":422,"message":"User... is unavailable"}

Usually I see that error and 422 status when looking up a username of a user who has since changed their username (so the old username is unavailable, rather than not found), but in this case the user is in the chatters list which suggests they are currently using that name.

Previously I have been told that 422 could also mean the user has been banned/suspended, which leaves me with the question, can a banned/suspended person still log in to their account and connect to chat (thus showing in the chatters list)? Or is there some other circumstance where a user can show in the chatters list yet return this sort of user lookup response?

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