User_name versus login verus display_name versus broadcaster_name

The users API returns display_name and login. The moderators API return user_name. Moderator events returns broadcaster_name.

Is there a dictionary somewhere to help me understand the differences in terms? Mainly login and user_name seems to be the most confusing. Are these just the same things with different labels? Or do they infer some sort of context?

Login - the username the user users to login with
Displayname - most commonly the capitlisation of the name.

For Example

My login is barrycarlyon
My displayname is BarryCarlyon

login - riotgames
displayname - Riot Games

login - saddummy
displayname - 서새봄냥

For of helix will put the displayname where login should be see

Anywhere that another name is used for the key, will refer to a relationship.

So the moderator events returns the displaynames of the moderator and the broadcaster. and not the login (due to github 3 mentioned above)

So get users, will return login and display_name

Literally every other endpoint will only return the display name of the entity

Or returns the display names of the two entities involved.

So you call the

  • banned, you get the name of the banned person and the channel it occured on
  • followers, you get the name of the display names of the two people involved in the interaction the caster and the viewer

So if BarryCarlyon follows Riot Games then you’d get those two names.
if BarryCarlyon is banned in Riot Games then you’d get those two names

I (BarryCarlyon) would be the user_name, and Riot Games would be the broadcaster_name. in that example

Hope that helps

Thanks, this is helpful.

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