User not able to connect with chat

First off i know this is unlikely something anyone but twitch can help me with but upon sending an email to Twitch support they pretty much replied with RTFM and also using these forums. So here I am. :slight_smile:

We currently have 14 people testing a web based application that logs into their twitch chat by generating an Oauth token then once a token is generated, opening a Websocket connection to our control server. All users generate a token BUT one of the 14 cannot connect to Twitch chat. When contacted, I looked into what was happening to make sure it wasn’t on our end and its saying the user isnt being authorized with the token we generated. I had the user take steps to help me solve the issue. We removed our integration from his Twitch Connections page and had him reauthorize us which gave him a new token… But still wouldnt let him authorize with twitch. From there i wondered if it was my control system, so I grabbed a CDN copy of TMI.js and tried logging in with his token.

from that I then thought okay maybe its the token still (even though this is the new one) and had him generate a new token with Twitch Chat Password Generator same result not connecting. At this point not only am I frustrated but so is the user who has no Technical knowledge and I’m here telling him how it all “normally” works. I then apologized to the user and Emailed Twitch Support … And yeah here I am…

Have you looked at the connection logs (specifically looking at the token sent to the server), and checked that the token being sent is a valid token? It could be that somewhere a space has gotten added during copy/pasting, or some error on your clients end and how they’re sending the token.

Can any of the 13 others who can connect without issue try to connect using the token from the person with issues? If it works for them it shows it’s not a token issue, and the issue lies with the user failing to connect and something going on at their end.

Sounds like you’re trying to proxy the websocket connections via your server. Is that correct?

The Client doesnt control the passing of their token its completely automated on the completion of their Login, So the client cannot make a mistake as we dont allow them input in the process other then a login and a disconnect button to avoid issues.

The other users dont have the elevated permissions to connect on someone’s behalf but i do and have no trouble using anyone’s token but this one user.

@3ventic Yes we handle the login and generating the token on one server then pass that info to another server to handle the session and events

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